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Advanced Optimization For Adsense Account Grumpy Cat Blog Owners

You can create up to five channels for each ad unit in any cat or other blog website you have. If you have a good blog and if you dont have a adsense account, you can buy adsense account very easily. You should use this facility to collect as much information about your important ad units as possible.Naming your channels for profit show channel to the advertisers: When you create your channels, always make sure to check the box for “Show this channel to advertisers as an ad placement”. By doing this advertisers will be able to see the channel.

Name channels clearly:

Another important thing is the name of the channel should be clear so that the advertiser knows what this channel is about, for example: Above_Fold, Car_Articles, Camera_Articles etc. Make it easier for the advertiser to make decision for choosing a channel for their ads.

Add a description:

A description will help the advertisers to know what they will be getting by placing their ads in a channel.Targetting for Ads: Target your highest performing ad units for channel based advertising. Channels for Link Units.

Create separate channels for link units to keep a close eye on the link units performance. We cannot control the ads that will appear on the ad page when the user clicks on a link unit. Also we cannot control the layout of the ad page. To track the performance we can optimize our web pages with different keywords. create different channels for different pages optimized for different keywords. Link To This Post If you liked this post, this means we have something in common. Share this with the readers of your website. They will like it also. Advanced Optimization Of Channels.



As you begin developing your blog, it is important to remember that in order to attract readers and to keep readers you must consistently post quality content. Creating quality content can be challenging for a new blogger since the term quality is in and of itself a relative term. Quality means different things to different people and one of the best ways to determine the level of quality you can give your readers is to first, know your readers.

Your audience is going to determine the level of quality content you provide. A blog that is designed for stay at home Moms seeking craft ideas is not going to require the same level of content for say a tech blog. Each has a different audience and therefore requires a different voice and detail. Therefore the first step toward quality content is – understanding your audience. If you have a new blog with no readers then you want to write to your potential readers or the readers you would consider the ideal reader for your topic. Start writing to that group of readers and, as they say, “.. if you build it, they will come.”

 Once you are writing to the correct audience you will want to be sure to incorporate these important elements of quality content. Good Grammar and Spelling Consistency Engaging writing Brevity  Correct Grammar and Spelling

Readers of your blog want to know that they are able to count on you for reliable information. If they have to struggle to understand what you are trying to say because you have poor grammar and spelling, not only will they not necessarily believe the information that you are trying to share with them, they also won’t stick around long. There is also no excuse for poor grammar and spelling, as all word processing programs and nearly all blogging platforms now have spelling and even grammar-checking abilities. It makes you seem plain lazy and that you don’t care about your blog or your readers if you do not take the time to run a simple spell-check on your entry. Consistency , For bloggers who want to earn respect and a following in a particular field, it is important that they stick to that particular topic. If you are blogging about your small business in an attempt to gain more customers, do not blog about how cute your new puppy is. Instead, create a second blog to share details about your personal life. It is important that readers know they will consistently find informational and useful content on your blog. It is also important that you update regularly and on a consistent basis. If you cannot update daily, try to update on a regular schedule so that readers know when to check back for new posts and do not get frustrated by frequently visiting your blog only to find the same old posts. Engaging Writing

  In order to have quality content on your blog, you must be able to write in a manner that keeps people reading. Many readers on the internet are looking for a conversational or informal style of writing, but without being sloppy. Try writing in the way that you would speak, but with the necessary revisions to grammar. Brevity ,The internet has changed people’s reading habits by providing immediate gratification. People who are looking for information by searching through blogs do not want to read a dissertation. They want to get their information as quickly as possible. Keep your posts short, but still full of information. If you avoid unnecessary flourishes in your writing, you will see your readership grow by leaps and bounds.

As you begin to work on your blog, try to remember that quality is important to those who are reading your content. People return to blogs that have quality content and are engaging and fun to read. Try out some of these tips and watch your number of followers quickly grow.I hope this was useful to you. Your feedback is very important to me. Please leave a comment. To get step by step  AdSense Information and instructions, I recommend my adsense guide, it is totally free. Link To This Post If you liked this post, this means we have something in common. Share this with the readers of your website. They will like it also. Elements of Quality Content For AdSense

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