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Dear Grumpy Cat

Move over Dear Abby there is a new advice column online. Dear Grumpy Cat gives advice in the same style as Dear Abby, except with the sarcasm, disdain, contempt and scorn that Grumpy Cat is known for.

Have a problem? Relationship troubles? Life got you down? Dear Grumpy Cat can help. Ask Grumpy Cat just Phrase your question in the same form as you would if you were writing to Dear Abby.

(Example Below)


Dear Grumpy Cat: I think I may have an alcohol problem. I have been going out a lot lately and drinking to the point of blacking out. It’s starting to affect my personal relationships and my job. If I miss any more work, I may get fired and my girlfriend is way beyond pissed so I am very close to losing her as well. Can you offer any advice?