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Monitor Your Adsense Account With The Help Of Grumpy Cat

As much work is needed to create new and fresh content for several web sites that you can own, there is little time left over to keep an eye on how their advertising revenues is doing. Most small to medium bloggers and webmasters usually make use of Google Adsense, since the service is currently generating ad revenue most popular Internet. Well, if you’re like me and you do not have a lot of extra time to spare to go digging in your Google Adsense to see their latest balances, then you’ll love SysSense . MUO Whydowork covered previously, a plugin for Firefox Adsense monitoring, but SysSense is an application desktop free (Windows 2000-7) created by Mike Singer Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. SysSense is a discrete application running in the taskbar and provides a fast and convenient one – touch access to all your Google Adsense accounts.


How to configure 

After downloading and installing  website , the software initially will take you to the screen where you can set up your AdSense account and set the properties of the application. The General tab is where you can configure the software to begin immediately every time you boot Windows. This is also where you can set the exchange rate for your country so you can get an accurate representation of their balances.

Of course, in the Adsense tab it is where you present your credentials Adsense so that the application can poll the account information.

In the automatic update tab, you can set SysSense to check your account details from time to time. For smaller sites that do not have much activity, frequent updates are not really necessary. However, for large sites where things change fast, you may do well to shorten the update interval.

You can change the update interval of every minute all the way up to five hours. Under the tabs tray icon and Tooltip tray, you can set how the tray icon tool appears and how it behaves when you click on it.

You can set it to go directly to your AdSense account in a browser window at any time you left-click it, and you can also set the icon to display a globe icon on a particular event, such as when your change profits or when the number of clicks changes. While these are nice features, the real meat of the application is in Tray Tooltip section.

This is where you can configure which data you want to see in the text window tooltips. I really like the amount of information this application can extract from Adsense – applications I’ve seen before that will not let up monthly data without a subscription, but SysSense, everything is free.

Once you have configured your accounts and your main account set up (which is displayed in the tooltips), you are now ready to start using the software. One thing you will notice is that whenever the application is updated data in the range requested, it will pop up a tooltip that shows all your account details at a glance.

It’s nice to see these data without having to log on to Google Adsense and dig through the site for reports. SysSense puts together information any way you want and displays it without any effort on your part. If you want the application to update data interval between updates, simply right-click and select “Update Now”.

When you do, tooltips will open again with the latest data from your primary account Adsense. If you want to see more detailed reports of your account, click the “Reports” option, and discover an excellent tool reports.

In this window, you can choose from any of the accounts you have set, and you can choose from a list of 21 reports, including not only income but CTR,  and clicks of referrals, ad performance and performance search. The screen will immediately show report graphics certain patterns. For example, through this tool, I discovered that my days of income is almost always on Friday!

SysSense is one of the fastest and easiest for instant access to your account Adsense without any effort on your part tools. Give it a try and let us know what you think. Or share any other useful Adsense tool you know about the comments section.

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